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How do I get in touch with my employee(s)? How do they get in touch with me?

Contacting Your Employee
You can get in touch with your team in any way imaginable!

They are available for VOIP, Video Conferencing (we have excellent webcams and headsets), Skype, instant messenger (GTalk, Live, AIM - you name it!), Email and of course our office telephone.

Our office number here is +91 484-405-0222

We are open 24x7 including all holidays so call at any time. At your request, we can also produce a local (to you) phone number using Skype-In. This way you can call your employees at any time without long-distance or international calling charges.  The most current list of countries where we can procure a number can be seen at this link:


In addition, feel free to come visit the InfoPark campus and the VIPoint office at any time. Clients who have been with us for over a year are cordially invited for a week long, all-expenses paid trip to meet and greet their staff!

Details can be found here: http://www.vipointsolutions.com/#!visit/c1d94

Contacting You
Your employee(s) will also be given $100 worth of Skype-Out credit to make phone calls or SMSes to you, your datacenter or anyone at all that you so request.

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