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Is there an ongoing training process?

Before being assigned to a team, all employees go through a rigorous training process.

The following topics are covered:

  • Website Publishing and management (with or without Control Panels)
  • Initial Server Setup and Server Hardening
  • Regular maintenance and efficiency checking of servers
  • Installation and configuration of third party software used in sites
  • KVM/Avocent/IPMI
  • Installation & Configuration of monitoring tools
  • Server load management using top, ps, lsof, strace etc
  • Bash shell scripting for automating tasks
  • Virtual environment management
  • Kernel compilation from source
  • American English vernacular and elimination of “Indianisms”

In addition, we hold four hour long technical seminars per month on varying topics and eight technical write-ups are published each month.

Industry news and quick linux tips are also published in our magazine, The VIPoint Quarterly

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